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Conditions of Use

Mission City Pens provides you with this information concerning my business practices.  If you chose to do business with Mission CIty Pens, you agree to the conditions and details presented, have read the details and conditions presented.    All materials are the property of Mission City Pens and may not be used or copied without consent from Mission City Pens.

If you make a suggestion as to a product idea or material, consider it as public information.  If I use the suggestion in an item I chose to make, it is no longer your idea and you have no claim or right to its use.

Mission City Pens attempts to make the information on this website accurate,  We are not responsible for errors.  We are not responsible for any direct or indirect damages from use of our products or failure of our products.  There are no express or implied warranties of any kind.

Mission City Pens can refuse service to anyone.  If you decide not to abide by our policies, simply do not do business with us and cease visiting our website, public events, and destroy any materials you have obtained from us.  

Mission City Pens may, at any time, alter, modify, add or delete any information on our website or any information we produce, print or publish.  

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