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Shipping?  I mostly use U.S. Post Office Priority Mail.  It will include insurance up to $50.  The flat rate is $6.99 for any or all items you order together in one shipment.  Extra insurance can be added.  Other shipping options are available.  Most shipping is at actual cost +/- $1 or so.  

Do you ship to other countries?  Yes, but due to inconsistent delivery problems, I olnly ship to the U.S.A., Canada, U.K. and Australia.

Are refills available? Yes.  I handmake the pens to the same standards as Parker or Cross ballpoint, or international size rollerball or fountain styles.  You can find refills for all the pens I make on my website, through other sources, or go to any large office supply store that sells refills.  Simply take the refill into a store and match it with the refills available.  Parker and Cross are the most popular refills available.  The store will have refills for either, but the refills theuy stock may be under other brands such as Monteverde or Private Reserve.  Just match up the size.  If you order a refill through me, I guarantee they will fit and work properly.  

Are your pens guaranteed?  Yes.  I do not advertise a tine period for my guarantee.  Simply put, I want you to have and enjoy the best handmade pen available.  If it fails due to anything but abuse, I will make it right for you.  I make about 2,000 pens per year.  Of those I get an average of 4 - 6 returned due to a mechanical or other problem.  My failure rate is EXTREMELY low, but in the unfortunate event you have a problem - my apologies for the inconvenience - and please send it back to me for prompt repair.  I willl reimburse you standard first class shipping.

Can I order a pen that shows not in stock?  Yes, but many of my pens are made to order.  Contact me if a pen is out of stock and I can provide you with an estimated completion and ship date.  

Is the pen in the photo the pen I will receive?  Possibly not.  Many of my pens are made to order.  If a pen material looks substantially the same every time I use it in a pen, the photo may be a generic photo of the same pen material and same metal components.  If the material is substantiall different in appearance every time I use it to make a pen, the photo will be of that exact pen.  I guarantee you will like the pen in either event. 



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