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Mission City Pens offers many unique and one-of-a-kind pen designs. Pens made from real watch parts make a fantastic addition to your collection. Using old watch parts for pens is also called Steampunk. These custom handmade pens are amazingly detailed. When I show them at the art events I enter, they become the most admired and one of the most sought after high-end writing instruments. Wrist watches are carefully disassembled. The watch components consisting of the face/dial, gears and date rings are placed around a carbon fiber backround. Crystal clear acrylic resin preserves and protects the watch parts. The result is a pen with watch components around the entire barrel in a stunning 3-D effect. I make these one at a time when I have the necessary components. I use watches including Bolova, Elgin, Benrus and others. When available, I also use ROLEX watch parts. If there are no watch parts pens currently shown, I am working on more. These are all one of a kind pens.

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