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About Mission City Pens

I started custom crafting pens as a gift giving project for two special people in 2005.  Since then, I have consistently expanded the pen selection at Mission City Pens to be one of the most extensive selections of different custom handmade pens and fine writing instruments on the west coast.  No other pen crafter offers a larger and more diverse selection.   

I personally hand craft every pen or other unique item one at a time to ensure quality and durability.

Mission City Pens designs are often one-of-a-kind using materials or designs that can not be duplicated.  Rare and exotic woods with stunning wood grain or burl, postage stamps, watch parts, colorful acrylics, alligator jawbone, pinecones, inlay wood themes, bullet cartridges, gun themes, pens with a historically significant inlay and a host of other materials uncommonly used to make a pen are just a small example of the materials I use.     

I attend a number of invitation only high-end art exhibits, art and wine events and holiday events each year.  These events require application using a jury process to select only the best artists for their quality, diversity and uniqueness in hand crafted items.  At one of these events, you will find my selection of over 1,000 pens - each unique and different and more elaborate than I could possible display on my website.  My current show schedule is posted on this website.

Need help with a pen you bought from another pen maker? Mission City Pens is not a here today, gone tomorrow pen designer.  Experience counts.  Longevity in this business counts. 

Have you purchased a pen from another pen maker only to find that person was only in business as a hobby for a couple of years and now is nowhere to be found for after sale service?  Contact me if you need assistance with your pen.  I regularly repair faulty pens made by others who gave up after a few seasons.