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Ballpoint Custom Pens and Pencils

Everyday pens can vary from the thin to large diameter, short to long length and Mission City Pens offers a vast selection of materials including exotic woods, colorful acrylics and a variety of designs not found on ordinary store bought pens.

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Fountain and Rollerball Pens

Mission City Pens handmakes a unique collection of Fountain and Rollerball pen designs one at a time to ensure quality craftsmanship.

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Computer Printed Circuit Board Pens

Pens made with REAL printed circuit board PCB as is used on computers and cell phones. These are NOT photographs but instead actually contain circuit board and actual components. Ballpoint, Rollerball and Fountain pens and pencils handmade by Mission City Pens.

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Mission City Pens - Experately and Personally Hand Crafted Since 2005.  Featuring designs and themes pen variations to appeal to pen aficionados and anyone desiring uniqueness in their fine writing instrument.

Bullet and Gun Style Pens

For the gun enthusiast, hunter, 2nd Amendment proponent, Law Enforcement, military and groomsman gifts, Mission City Pens designs functioning pens with refillable ink cartridges from bullet cartridges and gun related materials. This pen shown is modeled after the Winchester Model 1894 Lever Action Rifle. Go to the bullet and gun related section for more options.

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Military Service Pens

Military pens from all branches of the services

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Hand Inlaid Real Wood

Truly a challenging pen design, individual wood pieces are laser cut. I then inlay each piece into the pen body to form the image. This is a Cutthroat Trout.

Wood inlaid pen designs are a big part of my hand crafted inventory of unique special interest pens. Take a look for patriotic, animals, dogs and cats, religious, underwater scenes, moonscape, birds and butterflys, musical instruments and an incredible selection of over 125 work, nature, sports and special interest inlaid wood pen creations.

Find Inlaid Wood Design Pens

Hybrid and Watch Parts Steampunk Design Pens

Hybrid and steampunk pens offer true creativity. They are each unique and different. Some easier to create than others, yet each has its own individuality.

This is a premium pen selection. The body (upper and lower) uses a combination of highly figured burl wood combined with a blue foil background with watch part gears embedded into a crystal clear resin. The metal components on this version are platinum with gold titanium accents for lifetime durability.

Watch parts pens, steampunk, industrialized copper and steel as well as other options make each one a collector item.

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Historical and Embedded Materials Pens

Mission City Pens expanded into historically significant pens made with validated authentic materials with certificates of authentication explaining the materials used. Whisky barrels from top whiskey companies, wood from film sets, wood from historical sites and materials from famous actors set worn clothes and sports players jersey cuts imbedded into the pen body are a few choices. Even rare material pieces from each of the Space Shuttles and materials recovered from the Titanic and Pearl Harbor I use in my pen designs.

This fountain pen has a piece from Babe Ruth's Jersey and wood from a retired stadium seat from Yankee Stadium.

Find Historical and Embedded Materials Pens

Carbon Fiber Pens

Carbon Fiber material cast in a crystal clear resin.

Find Carbon Fiber Pens

Law Enforcement, Police, Fire and EMS

Pens designed for our local American Heroes - EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement, Thin Red Lice, Thin Blue Line

Find My Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS Pen

Custom Ice Cream Scoops

Ice Cream Scoops for the ice cream aficionado

Find My Ice Cream Scoop

Seam Stitch Ripper Removers

Seam Rippers, also called stitch removers, are a sewing enthusiasts friend. Easily cut threads with these quality reversible blades that store safely inside the custom handle.

Find My Perfect Colorful Seam Ripper

Razors and Badger Knot Shaving

Badger Hair brush knots and a selection of razors including Mach 3, Fusion, Double Edge Safety designs with custom made handles.

Find my Razor and Badger Hair Brush

Non Pen

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Newest Creations

Newly designed pens uniquely different

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Although pen design is my #1 creation goal, I occasionally add a few other items such as pepper grinders, ice cream scoops, shaving sets, and pizza cutters. Just have to have a little added fun.

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