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50 Cal BMG Pen Ballpoint Authentic Cartridge and Projectile

50 Cal BMG Pen Ballpoint Authentic Cartridge and Projectile

Mission City Pens
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I personally machine the components to make this pen using a real once-fired cartridge from a 50 Cal BMG bullet with real authentic copper steel projectile.  This is NOT a kit I simply assemble as so many other bullet pens offered are.  All the machining is done personally. 

My component choice for the pen parts are the same parts I use on many of my handmade pens.  Other similar in appearance 50 cal pens made by others do not use a real copper projectile but an imitation.  I use an easily replaceable refill.  Simply twist the copper bullet 1/2 turn to extend or retract the PARKER compatible ink refill.  Most office supply stores have this common refill or you can order them through this website.

Because this is a once-fired cartridge, it will likely have slight dings or scratches adding to the character and realism.  

Ink replacement instructions included.  

Mission City Pens hand makes a variety of bullet cartridge pens as well as many other unique and different everyday and collector pens.  Feel free to inquire about others choices not listed on this website.  

Quality guaranteed.  Thanks for looking.